The Wine Rack

Wine Rack

These pages are something I’ve put together for my own use, and if anybody else finds them useful or interesting that’s a bonus. 

If and when you arrive thereabouts here's an explanation of what lurks under the following headings:

Rants: We’ve been known to rant, rave, and occasionally post the results of the musings on the morning walk. This is where we post the wine-related ones.

Article Archive: As we clean up and index all the old stuff from the original LHoC blog and website, this is where the non-Rant content that can't find a home elsewhere slots in.

Wine Clubs: I’ve been in a few over the years. Here are thedetails.

Wines and Wineries: A state by state review of places we’ve visited and/or bought from, with the relevant tasting notes slotted in winery by winery.

Tastings: A chronological arrangement of tasting notes.

Wine Ratings: How I mark, and what it means, and, predictably The Best I've Sampled lists the wines I've rated 5*.

Wine Dictionary:  While it's not complete or comprehensive by any means, and cobbled together from a variety of sources. This is the information I use from time to time when I'm talking varieties, and the lack of an article on a particular variety or term probably means I haven’t needed to cobble one together.

and the Winedex allows me to find tasting notes and references, organised by winery.

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