Sunset and Beyond

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The authorities deserve credit for the care and consideration they have exercised when excising sections of the park for commercial and residential development. 

There's a rugged and unspoilt beauty along the shores with their multitude of surf breaks that I don't recall seeing in similar circumstances on the east coast. 

It’s not as I’m some sort of I've been everywhere expert. Still, the human aspect (as in high rise residential and such) in these parts was conspicuous by a conspicuous absence.

We made our way into town for a spell, and a while scribbling Travelogue notes before heading back out to the coast for the sunset across the Indian Ocean. 

It wasn't as spectacular as it could have been with better cloud conditions, but you can't have everything.

Madam wasn't in the market for a substantial dinner, so back in town, I picked up a curry, and that was it for the night. No way were we going to be walking anywhere. 

After attempts to fill in the backlog of banked up reminiscences, I was in bed reasonably early with substantially reduced plans for tasting on the last day in Margaret River.

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