As usual, the tasting room attendant offered us two glasses, and I explained since Madam was the designated driver one glass would be sufficient. 

She would, however, be taking a sip if I identified something she might like.

Of the five ranges on offer, I ignored the Promised Land ($13) and 80 Acres ($15). Both are widely available and frequently discounted. 

Instead, I worked through the Estate ($18), Jaraman ($24.50 whites, $29.50 reds) and St Andrews ($35 whites, $60 reds) ranges. 

The whites were all good, with the Riesling offering everything you’d expect from quality Clare Riesling

I particularly liked the Estate Gewurztraminer and the two Chardonnays.

But the reds were outstanding. 

Madam was particularly taken with the St Andrews Cabernet Sauvignon which she liked more than a certain nameless, but quite pleasant drop we’d encountered at twice the price. 

We don’t get to try a lot of $60 wines, but from our limited experience, the St Andrews reds punch well above their weight.

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