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Payment didn't seem to be required, so we sat undisturbed while a Leyland Brothers documentary about Western Australian wildlife played out in the background at a relatively high volume level.

Inquiries about lunch brought an I'll see what I can do

The end of the Leyland Brothers DVD produced welcome silence, interrupted by the return of Madam Proprietor, who volunteered to put it back to the start so we could watch the rest of it and advised the catering only operates for coaches. 

Oh well, Moora was just down the road, and we'd be sure to find lunch there.

Madam ended up with an impressive bouquet of preserved banksia and wildflowers, which I thought was a dubious prospect in the Will It Get Back Safely To Bowen Stakes. 

So we set off for Moora around a quarter to two, not at all confident of finding something still open with lunch available.

A check at the tourist information pointed us towards the pie shop, which boasted a restaurant as a side operation, but we arrived to find that side of things about to close. 

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