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I had the same problem just down the road at Pikes

The wines were impressive, the mailing list subscribed to, and actual details regarding specific wines are hazy.

In particular, visiting the two establishments leaves me in awe of people who can taste large numbers of wines in a sitting and still maintain the ability to distinguish subtle differences between high-class examples of the same style.

Given an array of Rieslings and a fresh palate, I’d be able to work my way around to identifying one particular wine as the pick of the bunch, but it would take some time. 

Once the task had been accomplished palate burnout would make it difficult to repeat the exercise, even after a couple of hours’ break on, say, a range of Cabernets.

An overwhelmed, temporarily burnt out palate accounts for my relatively lukewarm response to the wines we tasted at the final stop, Reilly’s in Mintaro

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