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The pie warmer was depleted towards the end of what had presumably been a busy day's trading. Still, there was a meat pie and a vegetable pasty, and they sufficed to get us along the rest of the route to the evening stop in Australia's only monastic town, New Norcia.

There aren't many settlements scattered across this part of the Westralian countryside. 

Finding somewhere between Morawa and Perth where we could spend the night before continuing to Busselton was something of a problem. 

Initially, Madam came up with a farmstead B&B property, and we should have known something was up when all attempts to make an actual booking seemed to draw a blank. 

Eventually, I phoned at the right time (the place is a working farm, so the proprietors are usually out and about somewhere away from the phone) and was advised we don't do that stuff any more, sorry

There seemed nothing else available except for the hotel at New Norcia, so that was where we headed.

Madam also had ambitions regarding New Norcia bread, but complications set in. 

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