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These pages are something I’ve put together for my own use, and if anybody else finds them useful or interesting that’s a bonus. 

You’re actually looking at Version 4.0 of this section of the site, with the changes coming after it became increasingly obvious that the original idea, with a separate blog-type page for each winery and the tasting notes hidden in the body of a lengthy essay wasn’t the way to go. For a start there was the question of whether I’d already done a review this bottle, and, if so, exactly where it was.

No, better to have a section entirely devoted to tasting notes, organised on a two monthly basis.

And the wineries? Organised by state, with an introductory entry about each and subsequent content as needed rather than as an introduction to the tasting notes when a new shipment arrives. Much more elegant (I think).

And the material I’ve gathered about grape varieties and the index placed at the end. Simple and straightforward. Gave me a chance to refine the Winedex along the way....

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