Disappointments and Dinner

The restaurant at the Comfort included a prawn and pea risotto that looked just the ticket. But a glance at the other side of the menu, revealed a basic wine list boasting the usual corporate suspects. That had me turning my thoughts elsewhere. 

No, I thought, Caffe Italia's only a block away, they've got a much better wine list, and I can sneak in two glasses with an entree or maybe a small pizza.

So off I went.

While we'd been there on Monday just after five and found the place empty, this was a Thursday night around seven-fifteen. 

The place was packed, and there was a queue of intending diners that looked like three or four tables' worth. 

There were no apparent signs of a table close to finishing. 

Faced with what could well be lengthy wait and every chance a single eater in for an entree and a glass or two might find himself being pressured door-wards, waiting for a table was not my preferred option.  

So, with a heavy heart, it was back to the Comfort for the risotto, which went down well, and a glass of Makers Table Cabernet. 

The latter mightn't have been the perfect match for the meal, but I needed red wine, and it was the best of the by-the-glass options.

All things considered, I wasn't the happiest of campers as I headed to rest up for the Wildflower leg of the odyssey.

© Ian L Hughes 2021