Crabtree Wines; Back to Base

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We had the time; it was on the way home, so we stopped into Crabtree Wines (as much for the view across Watervale as for the tasting opportunity. 

I couldn’t help myself and wandered into the Cellar Door while Madam roamed the hillside taking a few photos.

2008 Pomona Individual Block Riesling ($30) was stunning, a result of decision to pick and ferment every block of Riesling as a separate package. 

One particular parcel stood out, and a mere hundred dozen bottled. 

A wine for Riesling fans. 

The 2008 Hilltop Riesling ($15 cellar door only) was a slightly sweeter early drinking style, and 2008 Watervale Riesling was very much in the traditional Watervale style.

Of the other wines I tried before closing time, Watervale Zibibbo would work with spicy food in much the same way as a Gewurztraminer, while the 2006 Watervale Riesling was, predictably stellar. 

I liked the 2007 Tempranillo enough to shell out for a bottle in the expectation that we might need something to go with pizza or pasta over the rest of the trip.

Back in Auburn, dining options needed investigating. 

A walk around the village revealed the presence of a pizza operation that closed at eight o’clock (last orders half an hour earlier).

On that basis, we decided to stroll back to the cottage, phone in an order just after seven and have an early night.

© Ian L Hughes 2021