Quokkas and the Return Voyage

IMG 6308

A postprandial stroll provided an avenue for up-close quokka spotting.  It brought us back to the jetty at the appointed time. 

We surrendered the boat ticket and retained the stub that we'd need, so Adine informed us, for afternoon tea. 

Then we made our way upstairs to enjoy better weather on the return journey. No one, however, had pointed out the change in conditions on the water. 

IMG 6319

Once we were underway, it took about two minutes to realise if we stayed where we were, we'd be drenched by the time we were back in the safety of the estuary. 

The pitching and rolling on the other hand, meant there was danger of ending up in the drink. 

I might have managed to do just that if a helpful hand hadn't grabbed my wrist as we made a run for shelter below.

Once we'd done that, things improved remarkably. 

Sitting watching the spray cascade towards our former position knowing we were well out of it was infinitely preferable to being out in it. 

© Ian L Hughes 2021