Lunch and Shipwrecks

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Lunch was fish and chips (mine) and a seafood basket (Madam), both of which were substantial feeds. 

The seafood basket rendered Madam incapable of finishing her Stella Artois. 

So once I'd downed a Fat Yak, I had to drain the Fosters-brewed faux-Belgian ale.

 It also ruled out dinner as far as she was concerned. 

That minor factor that had consequences later in the evening. 

IMG 6356

We had been pointed towards Maritime Museum, and the Shipwreck Galleries annexe before we left home, so when we found ourselves outside the Shipwreck Galleries, we had to go in. 

Our informant said the Batavia display was well worth a visit, and the gold coin donation was money well spent.

The Batavia, flagship of the V.O.C. (the Dutch East India Company), struck a reef in the Abrolhos off the Western Australian coast after midnight on 4 June 1629 during its maiden voyage to Java. 

The mutiny and massacre among the survivors make a chillingly bloodthirsty tale. 

© Ian L Hughes 2021