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We escaped with a bottle of the Petit Verdot, which seemed to be the ticket with the promise of a wood fire in the caravan park chalet.

Less than an hour later we'd made our way to Sandy Bay Holiday Park on the southern outskirts of Busselton

The accommodation looked snug and could have been parlayed into a three-nighter at a reasonable rate had we been so inclined. 

That, however, would have involved a half-hour commute to and from Margaret River each day, so we were happy to maintain the original plan, thank you very much.

The most important information we picked up was, however, news of the presence of a food court in the suburban shopping centre about a hundred metres further along the highway. After we'd taken our time settling in, it was reasonably apparent that a walk along the beach would give us a chance to check it out on the way back.

We'd stopped in Busselton en route to Sandy Bay and had noted that the waters seemed remarkably calm, what with the presence of the Indian Ocean just out there. 

A walk along the beach gave time to reflect that the waters in the lee of Cape Naturaliste, certainly did bear a remarkable resemblance to a millpond.

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