The Original LHoC


It’s more than six years since I took my first steps towards creating a website, which I figured was the natural progression from blogging about the movie volunteer experience, and, for a while the original metaphor where visiting the website was like turning up at the front door of the actual Little House of Concrete, worked.

At that stage, everything fitted sort of comfortably under one roof. 

Then, increasingly, it didn’t and the sheer quantity of content, classified into various subheadings, started to clutter up the navigation bars at the top of the window. The easiest solution to a cluttered navigation bar at the top of the page was to hive off some ontent into a whole new site with a separate navigation bar. Link to the new bit from the original site, and there you are chewing the fat with your long-lost Uncle Robert.

Those spin-offs have, over the years, morphed into five sections of the present website, with The LHoc Bookshelves housing the discussion of reading matter, The LHoc Hits the Road aggregating the various travelogues, The LHoc Music removing a fair chunk of what used to be located in Hughesy’s Office, and The LHoc Wine Rack accommodating the extensive discussion of bottles and the places where they originate.

Still, there’s some content that stayed where it was under the original scheme of things, and it’s still sitting in what I’ve termed The Original Little House of Concrete.

The Living Room still contains material on current affairs, much of which is mirrored on The People’s Republic of the LHoC blog, cricket rants from The Little House of Concrete Sports Desk blog and some TV and DVD content.

The Kitchen is a repository for some favourite recipes and discussion of issues relating to food...

Hughesy’s Office has been trimmed very substantially, but it’s still where I spend most of my waking hours, and is, effectivly The Digital Hub of my day to day existence. About all you’ll find there at the moment is a discussion of software programs and applications, since most of the other content now sits on separate sesctions devoted to Books and Music.

Of the other sections, The Garden is largely unchanged, The Courtyard links back to the various writing projects, while Our Big Back YardFurther Afield and Over the Horizon provide another lead into writing about travels in Queensland, the rest of Australia and overseas.

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