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Hughesy's memory not being what it once was, I need a way of keeping track of what I've read, along with a list of titles to watch out for. As we move into an increasingly digital world it makes sense to use things like this website and the iPad to keep track of what I've read and what I haven't, so this section of the site is another step in the consolidation of Hughesy's digital data.

Library Fiction is an alphabetical listing of authors, with titles read placed in chronological sequence with some notes on the plot and my reaction to the story. Basically an aide-memoir that ties in nicely with an iCloud based list of titles that may be of interest...

Library Non-Fiction does the same for my reading about history, politics and related matters.

Authors Over the years a number of authors have become automatic buys whenever a new title appears. Not all of them, because the process of rereading everything each has written is going to take some time, but here you’ll find clickable links to take you to  a chronological discussion of a favourite author’s writing, or as much as I’ve managed to read or re-read over the past couple of years in the Fiction and Non-Fiction pages. Non-clickable entries on the list are a reminder to Yours Truly and will disappear as the rereading process kicks into higher gear..

Fiction There’s an awful lot of fiction on those shelves over on my right, and there’s always going to be the odd new title joining them. I’ve tried to be thorough, reviewing each new title as I read it to remind myself what I’ve read, what it was about and whether I enjoyed it. New content also appears on the blog site, but here's the complete archive.

Non-Fiction Given Hughesy’s status as a certified Music Freak, it should come as no surprise to learn that many of the non-fiction titles on my shelves deal with musical matters, but there’s a bit of history, the odd travelogue, a bit of biography and a few other odds and ends there as well.

Subject Areas, predictably, sorts the Non-Fiction titles by subject area.

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