And More Again...

And, thinking about it, the song is probably the best way to finish off this little saga. So without further ado, here’s Hughesy’s Bowen Volunteer song. The tune, as previously indicated, is She’ll Be Coming ‘Round The Mountain...

They were going to make a movie in the town

And before too long the word had got around

Volunteer lunch.jpg

They’d be filming on location

And Baz’s next creation

Would be bringing crowds of people gathered round.

They’ll be heading into Bowen in their hordes

And heading along Herbert Street towards

The set where Baz created

The movie that is fated

To be mentioned for Academy Awards.

So the call went out for some Bowen volunteers

Some people in retirement and their peers

to distribute information

to the wider population

And the tourists that the film brought into town


© Ian L Hughes 2021