Yet More...

They’ve been coming down from Townsville and the flow

Of people was continuous  and so

The tourists’ve been hearin’

From the people volunteerin’

All the info that they thought they ought to know

Volunteer Group.jpgThe crew soon numbered ninety-something strong

And for six weeks they’ve been talking to the throng

That’s been flowin’ into Bowen

Where the population’s growin’

Commutin’ while the shootin’ rolls along

They’ve been coming from all over as they swarmed

Towards a destination that transformed

A vacant lot in Bowen

To a movie set that’s showin’

Lots of detail, as the Volunteers informed

And when at last the filming’s finished here

The film crew might be leaving but it’s clear

All of Bowen will be waitin’

For the movie they’re creatin’

When they’re finished, though it’s going to take a year


So over the last two months there’ve been

A tidal wave of visitors who’ve seen

The volunteers explaining

What the film set’s been containing

And details about Bowen in between

And so here’s to the Bowen Volunteers

It’s something we can talk about for years

It’s something that we’ve lapped up

And the memories are wrapped up

With the shirts and hats we’ll keep for souvenirs.

© Ian L Hughes 2021