On the Ground in Cook

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As a result, the hospital and the school are closed. 

But there is evidence of an attempt to create an oasis in the desert. 

The township boasts the only substantial clump of trees on the Nullarbor, 

There are refuelling facilities and accommodation for train drivers. But the purpose of the exercise is to replenish the water supply for the Indian Pacific. 

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At first, that was done with water from the Artesian Basin. In the twenty-first century, the age of bottom lines and profitability, the water is brought in by train.    

As a result, the population has declined to three or four, not that we managed to sight obvious locals as passengers from the train wandered around deserted buildings. 

Most residents were presumably engaged with the store, which opens while the train is in town. 

We took a clockwise circuit around the outskirts of town, getting a good look at what remained. 

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