Afternoon Tea? Tasting? (Shrug)

The crossing was remarkably rapid, and, literally, before we knew it, we were inside the outer mole of Fremantle harbour, making our way to the first stop.

With the second stop out of the way, as we passed under the bridges that link the eastern part of Freo to the CBD, Adine announced that afternoon tea was available for those who might choose to indulge. 

The announcement was met with total disinterest. 

That lasted until we were told that there was a wine tasting for anyone so inclined. 

Two afternoon-tea-sceptics made their way towards the rear of the vessel without any further ado.

The tasting, as it turned out, represented the downmarket end of the Sandalford range. Still, with the mouths of gift horses and all that, Hughesy had a sample of everything on offer. I could probably have gone around again since Adine seemed bored and listless with nothing to do on the last part of the cruise.

Tour guide, marshal of geriatric sheep, cruise commentator and, now, dispenser of wine samples. The girl certainly wore a variety of hats.

After the courtesy bus dropped us back at the Travelodge, we needed to think about dinner. However, neither of us was up for a substantial repast.

 I think it was The Week that advised me of the existence of Tom's Kitchen, but I'd mentioned it to Madam, and she'd been interested at the time, so we found ourselves sitting on the Red Cat and and heading towards the other side of the Hay Street Mall. 

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