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Madam had been unsure, but I was confident there'd be a sign to indicate somewhere that depends on the arrival of paying customers for its existence. 

However, Karen was completely unaware (at least as far as I could tell) of the Park's existence. 

As we travelled along the dirt road, there was no sign of our destination until we were right on the doorstep. We arrived as the Wildflower Walk party was assembling. 

Once we'd checked in, paid, and transferred the luggage to the mud-brick chalet we were off for our introduction to Western Australian wildflowers. 

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The walk lasted an hour and took us on a circuit, with stops to allow noted amateur botanist Alan Tinker to talk about some significant feature, and was more of a nature ramble than a guided tour with specific stops at designated locations. 

If we had been staying more than the one night, we'd probably have ventured out for a second walk. 

While many of the stops might have been the same I suspect there would have been a few different stops thrown in for variety. 

There's enough diversity (the park covers 160 acres, and has something like two thousand different species on-site) to allow for any number of variations on the hour-long walk.

At each stop, there were descriptions, pointers and explanations of what we saw. However, the amount of information on offer was mostly lost on this botanical novice. 

If I'd had a background in botany, the experience would have been enhanced, but I still learned a lot. 

It was apparent from comments around us there were people there with much more knowledge who were finding the walk equally enjoyable.

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