Saturday, 8 November 2008

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With the winery-oriented part of the odyssey concluded, in the morning the main cause for concern was the direction likely to be taken by the weather rather than the direction we’d be taking to the nearest vineyard.

When I peeked outside things looked overcast and unpromising (at least as far as sightseeing was concerned), but we ventured back across Stockwell Road towards the Farmers’ Market

Predictably, as soon as we were actually inside the old Vintners Pty. Ltd. warehouses the rain decided to take a temporary break

Like most blokes, I’ve missed acquiring the shopping gene, so I’m not over-big on markets, but Madam likes to browse, so I wandered in her wake. 

There wasn’t much in the arts and craft line, and most of what was there could have been interesting if we were staying longer, and the accommodation had cooking facilities. 

While I would have liked to pick up some of the delicacies on offer (Thai duck sausages?) common sense prevailed. 

We ended up leaving with a variety of baked delicacies for breakfast with a couple of lightweight items (olive oil and dukkah) and jam for Madam’s breakfast at the Little House of Concrete.

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