Downtown Launceston

KIF 0604

We spent the rest of the afternoon strolling through the downtown area, looking at historic buildings. 

Macquarie House and Boag's Brewery attracted my particular interest, though we didn't have time to do the tour. 

Pencil that one in for next time.

There are plenty of impressive buildings as you make your way around the CBD, and the exercise could be worth repeating if we're back that way again with time on our hands. 

But it was an enjoyable ramble that ended down by the redeveloped waterfront, all apartment blocks and restaurants.

We grabbed a couple of relatively modest, though quite toothsome, serves of fish and chips before we reclaimed the vehicle. 

From there it was back to Protea Hill and the bottle of Bay of Fires Riesling that awaited us in the fridge.

Wednesday 5 November: Launceston > Melbourne

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