Into Kalgoorlie

IMG 6087

Dinner time took us into Kalgoorlie, and a three hour stop where there was nothing for it but to hoof it around town for a while. 

That endeavour was encouraged by a significant diminution of on-board hospitality.

Throughout most of the journey, with the external doors secured, there was little need to lock cabin doors and so on.

A stationary train on the outskirts of a city meant a possibility of theft and other forms of mayhem. 

IMG 6090

Once the train was divested of its passengers, it went into lockdown with two doors and the same number of hospitality outlets open.    

It doesn't take three hours to walk around Kalgoorlie. 

The temptation to roll into a convenient waterhole, sink a couple of beers and return with replenishments probably accounted for a warning. Bringing grog onto the train was verboten.

That was something that hadn't been mentioned when I looked at bringing a couple of bottles of wine for in-cabin consumption.

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