Into Perth

While that was taking place, I expected a couple of iPod hours. That might be followed by lunch in town, a wander through the CBD and even a possible visit to a CD shop (78 Records) that seemed like a place worth exploring.

As has been often remarked, the old internet is a wonderful thing, though it can have its pitfalls. 

I'm only too aware of the propensity of online communities to degenerate into flame wars, slanging matches and general nastiness. I've been quite amazed by the apparent civility and generosity of the little blogging community that Madam contributes to. 

We've met three of its members now, and they've all proved to be quite wonderfully warmhearted and interesting people.

Once the introductions had been made, it was apparent we were going to be a party of four rather than three.

Yuko's partner Mark appeared after he'd parked the vehicle. 

There was that uncomfortable pause as new acquaintances try to figure out what the hell to talk about. 

Crowded railway platforms aren't the most suitable get to know you places. Still, once the luggage had been claimed and we were en route to the city, things seemed to be flowing reasonably smoothly. 

I'd heard something to the effect that Yuko lived next door to the Travelodge, and the reports turned out to be accurate. After dropping us off with the luggage, we arranged a rendezvous in about ten minutes while cameras and other paraphernalia were organised. 

We set off expecting to be unable to check-in but hoping we'd be able to deposit the luggage for a while.

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