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The Everlastings Trail in the Wildflower Holiday Guide listed three areas for wildflower viewing, en route, but Madam was adamant The Pinnacles was a must-visit, and so it turned out to be.

The first part of the drive-through urban traffic had been a stop-start affair, and it was lunchtime when we passed through Cervantes, heading towards The Pinnacles.              

Arriving, we found there was an admission charge, and once we'd made our way onto the drive around the circuit, it was money well spent because I've never seen anything quite like these formations, and don't expect to see their like again. 

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The drive around route allows plenty of places to pull over and take in the scenery, and you're quite welcome to walk around, provided you don't touch or try to climb the structures. 

Madam took advantage of the chance to exercise the photographic skills, and we took our time around the circuit, parking at the Desert Lookout and setting out for a stroll around the walking track. 

I was amused to overhear a Chinese tourist (or perhaps a tour guide) remark this was too quiet for him and that he'd be happier on Swanston Street!

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