Ranking the Results

With that done, it was over to the Companion website for a dash of cut and paste. 

Physical and website addresses, opening hours and anything of interest went into the appropriate columns and anywhere that hadn’t made it into the print version got slotted into alphabetical order. 

So, voila, a neat summary of the wineries of the Clare Valley.

Since we were only planning to spend a day in the Barossa, there was no point in repeating the whole laborious exercise there. 

For the next bit, I wandered over to the front of the book and the list of the highest-rated wineries before going through the same process, carefully deleting any that were not open to the public.

The remaining list still contained too many places for us to visit in a day but if you’re only going to be able to visit a couple of wineries out of a multitude of competing establishments you may as well head for a couple of the best.

Having done that, it was another cut and paste job as I checked each winery’s website and anything of note added to the summary column.

Research complete, the contents of the spreadsheet were pasted into a plain text document, which was then cut into individual slices to cover all the wineries along with accommodation details. 

With that done, it was a case of plug in the iPod, create three folders called Clare, Barossa and Adelaide, transfer the files from the desktop to the appropriate folder and drag the folders over to the iPod and I had a handy pocket reference for the trip.

Getting There

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