Back to the Train

Outside it was obvious there'd been rain while we'd been inside. It had been raining steadily for a couple of days, and the train's arrival had coincided with a brief break in the weather. 

Remembering that, we were probably stretching our luck when the second rendezvous resulted in a decision to take a stroll along the banks of the Torrens. Still, the weather held off while we completed a circuit that brought us back to the new panda-motivated entrance to Adelaide Zoo. 

By that time it was about the target I'd set for a taxi back to Parklands

The sight of the terminal sans train would have had a drastic effect on the serenity of those prone to panic attacks.

The explanation for the absence was reasonably straightforward. 

Up to Adelaide, the train had been configured one way. 

While we were off doing our thing, the carriages had been rearranged. 

To this point, we'd been looking off to our left and looking towards the direction of travel. Now we were sitting with our backs to the engine. 

The outlook was still to the left, which was now the northern side. It's obviously all done with mirrors.

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