Tuesday, 24 August 2010

IMG 7017

There's nothing like a good night's sleep, and nothing was going to tip Hughesy out of bed early on a rather chilly morning. 

The prospect of walking through chilly corridors to the bathroom didn't exactly give me the ooh-ahs. I deftly avoided the necessity through judicious under-indulgence the night before.

Once showering and packing were complete, we took a circuit through the dining room (we'd eaten in the bar the night before) for the continental breakfast, which was a return to the regularly defined article rather than the excesses on offer in downtown Perth. 

Once we hit the bitumen, it wasn't long before we were heading back into the familiar territory from previous visits to the Swan Valley. 

That turned into a slight problem since familiarity with the ground suggested that we wanted to go one way, avoiding the city and the CBD if possible. At the same time, Karen's directions seemed destined to take us through the heart of the downtown freeway. 

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