Wine Dictionary

Although my writing about wine has veered increasingly towards the tasting note aimed at informing future orders, the format over at The Little House of Concrete Wine Rack blog involves an introductory paragraph or two (yes, and sometimes it's a bit more than or two, but we're talking generalities here) so it's handy to have some reference material close at hand.

While I realise there's plenty of fairly to extremely detailed information out there, for my purposes I want something that doesn't involve a lot of research leg work, something in click and you're there mode.

And while I could set up a shelf full of handy reference volumes and an array of useful hyperlinks (which I have, but there's still that leg work bit isn't there?) I'd prefer to have something that's copy and paste-friendly for that introductory remark prefacing today's tasting note if there's something in the glass pr on the bottle that has attracted my attention.

So, from time to time I've headed out, gathered all the information I can find about a particular wine-associated term, bunged the lot into a text file and then worked towards a relatively short and reasonably integrated parcel.

So that's what you'll find over in the side bar - Hughesy's notes on a number of wine-related terms. They're organised alphabetically, and there are, admittedly, gaps you could drive a B-Double through, largely due to the fact that I'm not setting out to write an encyclopaedia, merely gathering some information and merging it into a format that's Hughesy-friendly.

So there’s an array of letters of the alphabet over in the side bar, with the relevant terms listed alphabetically, along with clickable links that’ll take you to the  red and white wine varieties that are listed, predictably, under Red Varieties and White Varieties.

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