Annie's Lane

When we arrived at the former Quelltaler Winery (nowadays Annie’s Lane) we learnt the overnight weather had done more than rumble ominously. Significant power outages in between Clare and Auburn meant we were probably lucky to have progressed as far as we had. The morning’s breakfast and ironing, in particular, would have been grossly hampered by lack of power.

The accommodation at Tuscany had come with a 20% discount voucher for use at Annie’s Lane, which was, to be honest, the primary motivation for a visit (in case we ran across anything interesting, you understand). 

In the end, I ended up having a cursory taste of what was on offer. 

The range didn’t seem to be offering anything out of the ordinary, and the wines are widely available and often discounted. 

Everything was sound, well-made and perfectly acceptable. I’d be happy with the Riesling if it turned up on a restaurant wine list, for instance. 

In our part of the world, that’d be a likely prospect, but over the past couple of days, I’d tried a number of wines that would, in my opinion, be better investments when you’re looking at a dozen bottles you’re not likely to find at the local bottle shop.

To the Barossa

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