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Coupled with musings on the Nullarbor, the hour I spent looking and listening as the wildlife around me went about their business with the roar of traffic on the Brand Highway behind them wasn't exactly a life-changing experience. 

However, it did reinforce some long-held beliefs and added weight to some lurking suspicions.

Having mused for an hour, I returned to the chalet, brewed the regulation cup of coffee and waited. 

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Madam returned, full of excitement having found all manner of small wonders. 

After showers, with bags packed and stowed in the car, it was checkout time. 

From there, the general plan was to wander in the grounds, then continue to Dongara for lunch, then move on to the night's accommodation at Geraldton.

There were, however, a couple of little extras and one big plus in store before we departed.

The first started simply enough. 

Pulling up at the shop, we spotted a small member of the kangaroo family sniffing around outside the Tinkers' quarters while we watched and snapped away at a distance that wouldn't alarm the subject. 

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