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Madam was inclined to stop there for lunch and concluded we must be on the right road after all. 

Karen, on the other hand, refused to believe we were travelling on the road at all and issued frequent requests to perform a U-turn when possible, resulting in banishment to the glovebox. $5/day to hire the thing and the maps weren't up to date. Sheesh!

Once we'd found our way into Bunbury, a check at the Tourist Info yielded the location of the cafe quarter, and we ended up eating at the first such establishment we sighted. 

That might suggest a degree of desperation, but we'd taken a glance at the menu, decided it looked OK. Still, we might look a bit further anyway, walked a hundred metres without sighting another option, so decided that was it. 

A grilled chicken wrap and an almost identical chicken caesar salad tortilla hit the spot nicely. It was well before two when we were back in the car, counting our way through the succession of six roundabouts before the turnoff that would lead to Capel Vale, the first destination on the tasting trail, the only Halliday 5-star winery in the Geographe region. 

It's a right hand turn off the highway, followed by an immediate right again. 

Once you're in the car park, a walk to the back of the building takes you to a ramp leading upstairs to the restaurant and cellar door. 

It's not the largest tasting area you've seen, and with any more than two or three small parties you'd start getting in each other's way. There was a reasonably boisterous lunch party finishing up when we arrived and an ex-employee and girlfriend in the tasting area. 

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