The LHoC Family of Web Sites


In the beginning, of course, everything was under the same roof at The Little House of Concrete. But, like Topsy, things just grew.

So it became a matter of hiving off the most obvious suspects and giving them a separate site of their very own.

The Interested Reader will find everything that's left at The Original LHoC. 

The Music Pages comprised the largest chunk of content to be hived off, and they're constantly evolving under the heading of Eine Kleine Hughesymuzik up there in the navigation bar. 

Other areas, on the other hand, have slipped off the radar. 

There's only so much a one-man operation can do, and, while the Interested Reader can find the wine-related material here (The Wine Rack) with a bit-by-bit introduction to the contents here.

Changes in focus over the past few years have resulted in a lot less general reading and a concentration on historical material that relates to About The North in general and Mapping The North in particular. 

As a result, the section relating to reading matter (The Little House of Concrete Bookshelves), remains largely unchanged over the past couple of years. Click here for an introductory spiel.

But even if they're not updated, those sections still serve, from time to time, for reference purposes...

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