A Shopping Excursion

For a start, I seemed to recall sighting one of those supermarkets or convenience stores catering to the downtown unit-dweller that you find turning up in the CBD of most major centres. 

I thought there was one somewhere close to both the Travelodge and the Comfort and thought these matters could be taken care of in the morning. 

Madam, on the other hand, wanted to sort things out tonight.

However, for some reason, she decided I looked tired and needed to be taken back to base. After that, she'd venture downtown to do the shopping.

Some more jumbled thinking saw us walking all the way back to the Comfort, checking at Reception, discovering the nearest supermarket was in the Hay Street Mall. 

After a brief rest, we were back on the inbound Red Cat.

There were significant road works just outside Perth Station. 

Once we'd bought a six-pack of bottled water, biscuits and the odd bit of fruit we set off to find the Red Cat stop, only to find ourselves cut off from where it should have been by the construction site. 

A mad scramble back to the nearest place we knew boasted a Red Cat stop saw us safely on board what may well have been the last service of the night. 

Shortly after seven with the emergency supplies safely in the room, Madam could put her feet up, and I turned my thoughts to dinner.

Two substantial lunches in two days meant I wasn't over-keen on a big meal. 

© Ian L Hughes 2021