To Meleden Villa

With baggage claimed and hire car negotiations completed, finding our way to the accommodation couldn’t have been more straightforward. 

Turn left onto Sir Donald Bradman Drive, follow that as far as you can go and then turn right into Seaview Road

It was after dark when we set out, and I was about to suggest we pull over and find a street number when I noticed the illuminated Meleden Villa sign.

Our upstairs room promised water views in the morning. 

Advice about eating options saw us striding purposefully towards the traffic lights which signalled the location of the restaurant precinct.

Eight-thirty on Monday night isn’t the optimum time for an extensive appraisal of options, so we opted for Asian at Red Rock, one of a number of noodle-oriented establishments scattered around the city and across the nation, but we didn’t know that at the time, did we? 

And the hour was latish.

Madam’s pad thai was a spicier than she would have preferred, but my red beef curry was fine, as was the $4.90 glass of house Riesling (from a bottle, not a cardboard box). 

With those affairs dealt with it was time to head back southwards to the cot in the attic at Meleden Villa for a good night’s sleep before the real adventures began.

Clare Valley

© Ian L Hughes 2021