Off to the Fish Markets

IMG 5879

With four hours until we needed to be at Central (they want you checked in by 1:55) once again, Madam's research skills came to the fore. 

She'd visited the Sydney Fish Market on an earlier visit.

She'd also found an online voucher that cut the price of a $9 day-pass on the light rail to $6. 

That was slightly more than a return ticket to Lindfield and gave us the opportunity of unlimited travel on the line without the risk of being slugged for extra expenditure. 

IMG 2343

The tram line wasn't hard to find as we made our way to Capitol Square, and while we were waiting, I sighted the Haymarket Harry's Cafe de Wheels.  

That gave me an excuse to go searching the iPod for the Fabulous Nudes tribute to the institution in a departure from my all-Feat all-day playlist. It was one that fitted, given the subject matter. 

The Johnny Topper vocal would possibly have gone down well with Mr Hayward. Not quite Texas Rose Cafebut not a million miles away and a neat way to fill in the waiting time.

The light rail trip to Lindfield and back is, just as you'd expect, a mixed bag as far as the scenic side of things is concerned. 

Still, harbour-side views made up for the predictable inner city along the rail line eyesores. Once we'd made our way to the Fish Markets, I had no qualms about the chosen time killer.

And that was before the food factor kicked in.

© Ian L Hughes 2021