The question was, under the circumstances, which two?

Which is where the research factor comes in. Given the numerical constraints, I restricted my research to the places Mr Halliday had assigned five stars. That meant we were still looking at twenty-one wineries.

It was obvious other selection criteria were needed. 

For a start, there was no way I wanted to pull into somewhere that was, even on Friday afternoon, likely to be packed, which ruled out some of the higher-profile establishments.

Many years ago I’d had the good fortune to come across a Shiraz from Rockford and had constantly been on the lookout for any of their wines ever since, with absolutely no success whatsoever. 

Since, as far as I can make out, their distribution doesn’t extend into our part of the world I figured Rockford was one of the two to visit.

I’d also run across a number of references to Thorn-Clarke as one of the rising stars of the Australian wine industry. Since it was close to the night’s accommodation I thought I’d found the second one.

But that was before I started looking at websites. 

Lunch with Maggie

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