There is, as mentioned elsewhere in these pages, a body of opinion (voiced, among others, by the Dragon Lady Who Used To Operate Out Of The Other End Of I Block) to the effect that Hughesy is, if not travel-averse, at least travel-reluctant. 

This might be seen as a fair conclusion based on the fact that for several years after we’d finished constructing the Little House of Concrete was complete, Hughesy didn’t engage in significant travel activities until ‘Er Indoors appeared on the scene. 

The travel-hiatus over those years was, however, the result of economic factors rather than an inbuilt aversion to travel per se. 

The same financial considerations had, before the construction of the Little House of Concrete meant once Hughesy’s assorted cricket-related Odysseys were out of the way for the year there wasn’t a great deal of cash available for anything above subsistence-level eating and drinking.

Then, in the run-in to retirement when we sat down and looked at the figures, it became evident that my allocated pension would suffice for day to day expenses, but that would be about as far as the money was likely to go.

As a result, travel planning, choices of destination, activities along the way and such were matters for ‘Er Indoors since she’d be the one paying for each little jaunt.

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