About the Tastings files...

As remarked elsewhere, we’ve got over four years’ content generated at somewhere between eight hundred to two thousand words per day close to three hundred and sixty-five days per year, and switching the content from iWeb and MobileMe to RapidWeaver and littlehouseofconcrete.net is going to be a lengthy process, so we’re not going to be doing a lot of reorganizing and rationalising, are we?

When I started The Wine Pages, wine reviews took the form of a lengthy piece about each wine reviewed. Most of those pieces have found their way into the Article Archive, or have been filed under the name of the particular winery.

Things got complicated after a while, and that approach was rapidly becoming untenable before we headed across Western Australia on the Indian Pacific. I’d come up with the bright idea of putting out a bi-monthly newsletter, which was always going to include wine reviews, so we needed to be working in a review format that would be newsletter-friendly and we needed to be able to keep track of what we’ve reviewed.

Part of the answer was a bi-monthly file of tasting notes, and you’ll find those over in the side bar.

At the same time I wanted to be to find things easily, so it made sense to gather the notes for a particular winery under the winery.

So this bit is a sort of Tasting Note archive, structured to tie in with the LHoC Newsletter. If you’re looking for a review of a particular wine, I’d respectfully point you towards the winery page, filed away under the relevant state or the completely restructured Winedex.

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