The Office

Office Corner

From the time I stagger out of bed (between three-thirty and five most mornings) and the time I stagger back (somewhere between eight and nine at night) most of my waking hours are spent in the room beside the front door of the Little House of Concrete. A glance through the door explains why.

To your right, the bookshelves contain most of my personal library and my archive of MOJO magazines.

Straight in front of you are the cassette collection, the other magazine shelves and the desk, with the computer prominently on display. That’s predictable, since in many ways it’s the hub of my digital lifestyle and the digital lifestyle is the hub of the Command Bunker. 

CD Shelves

Over on your left are the CD shelves, and an armchair for listening, reading and contemplation. Since the CD shelves hold a large chunk of my music collection, and it’s where I do most of my listening, it’s logical to link to the Music Pages from here. I have books stashed elsewhere, but the bulk of the library sits on shelves here, so a link to the Reading PagesComputer:iPad fits here as well.

The Computer, predictably, is the actual hub around which The Command Bunker revolves. If you’re interested in what I’m using these days, click here.

And now that we've moved into iPad territory, I probably need something about that side of things as well, don't I?

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