All Aboard

We went close to missing it, having slept in. 

Put that down to the combination of five factors. 

First, there was a king-size bed that proved a remarkably good sleeping surface. Then there was general weariness after a train trip, where we'd slept adequately rather than well. 

Add on effective curtains with a large sun-blocker on our eastward side, overcast weather and the previous night's over-indulgences, and it's easy to miss the regulation rising hour. 

Under other circumstances, I would have been up early, tapping away on the laptop. 

While I did manage a start, that happened much later than expected.

I'd prepared myself to stop when Madam emerged from the shower, something that happened slightly later than expected. 

There was a wild flurry of activity that had us downstairs in the foyer right on 8:20 to spot the Rottnest Explorer bus waiting on the other side of Hay Street. 

As we boarded and found seats about midway along the bus, I was nonplussed to note a strangely familiar face. 

© Ian L Hughes 2021