Through Freo

IMG 6215

Before long we'd decided downstairs was the better choice. That was after the Alexander party had done likewise. I had visions of I know that man's going to turn around and ask if I am who he thinks I am, and I won't have it!

We found seats in a snug position on the starboard side. Madam moved from time to time for photographic purposes. 

IMG 6226

Meanwhile, I sat looking through the window and listening to Adine's commentary on the lifestyles of the rich but not necessarily East Coast famous occupants of Millionaire's Row.

The cruise, despite the weather outside, reinforced the view that the Swan helps define Perth in the same way that the Harbour defines Sydney. 

While we weren't experiencing the best conditions, it was still thoroughly enjoyable. 

The morning tea, on the other hand, was on the very ordinary side of ordinary (tea or coffee, packaged biscuits and fruit cake).

After two stops in Fremantle, it was onto the open waves for the crossing to Rotto, and we managed that without any distress for those who find the motion of ocean-going vessels uncomfortable. 

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