Into Broken Hill

IMG 5938

Since breakfast wasn't going to be served until after an 8:20 CST departure, there was a 6:00 morning tea to provide sustenance to those who needed it. 

Plenty did. Quite a few of them were from the Red Sitting, which was understandable. But there were quite a few familiar faces from last night who may well have been sleeping in without the friendly reminder call over the P.A. 

I got in two cups of coffee and Madam managed a cup of tea and a Danish, and we learned the outside temperature was a somewhat crisp six degrees. 

IMG 2350

Given the temperature, assuming I was going outside at all, I would have been quite satisfied, with a dingo's breakfast

After the regulation nervous pee and a quick look around, I would have been making a hasty retreat to the relative warmth. 

After all, we were going to be there for two hours.

But Madam needed photographic records, some of which I would be able to use hereabouts, so off we went.

We ended up spending an hour roaming the streets, encountering fellow passengers and noting the locals were probably tucked up somewhere warm. 

As far as Madam was concerned, the excursion could have been a bit longer. 

Still, I managed to steer us back to the train comfortably before departure time. 


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