Dinner and iPads

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Tom's Kitchen is tucked away in a lane off Hay Street and does a good line in bistro-style food, with an eclectic wine list. 

Madam's seafood chowder was described as fishy, but not in a pejorative sense. 

My coq au vin was excellent, deliciously tender meat falling off the bone and a sauce that needed some of Madam's bread to mop it up purposes. One of the very best things I've eaten in a very long time. 

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The glass of Spanish Tempranillo (with most of the palate notes I've been noting in Australian takes on the variety, so someone down this way's doing it right) went down rather well. 

If we are in the neighbourhood again, I'll definitely be back, and could well be tempted to make repeated visits to try to work my way through most of the menu.

Highly recommended.

With dinner out of the way, we took a stroll back along Hay Street, taking the opportunity to drop into the Apple Store to have a gander at an iPad. 

In a remarkable display of restraint, Hughesy managed to escape without shelling out the thousand dollars required to collect a 64Gb Wi-Fi + 3G model.

After we'd finished the Hay Street stroll, we retired comfortably early with a day trip to Freo on tomorrow's agenda.

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