Monday 16 August 2010

IMG 6013

It might seem strange to learn one of the highlights of the Indian Pacific experience is several hundred kilometres of nothing. 

Still, we'd been told that was the way things were before we hit the Nullarbor

There's nothing I can think of that would prepare you for a remarkable discovery. 

Several hours of a 360-degree vista where the horizon is totally unencumbered and uncluttered by protrusions of any kind is an enjoyable experience. 

At 6:00 when the wake-up call and cups of tea and coffee arrived, that was still all before us, and we had little real idea of what was in store apart from a very long stretch of unbending railway track.

Since the sun wasn't quite with us and the cabin delivered a view to the left, the Club Car, with views to both sides seemed the way to go. 

We arrived to find the place packed with people obviously there in anticipation of the Red Service call for breakfast since the area emptied remarkably quickly when the call came. 

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