The Last Leg

Bowen View

While the overnight Red Eye Express from Perth to Brisbane wasn't anywhere near as painful as it could have been it's still not something I'm looking to repeat any time soon.

The previous day's meal arrangements had Hughesy moderately famished on arrival. They were enough to move the big cooked breakfast from Regulation to Mandatory status. 

Once that had been demolished, we headed off to the relevant Departure Lounge. An encounter with a former colleague did an excellent job of killing the remaining time before the final leg of the trip.

We got updates on the gossip when Miss Behaviour collected us from the airport. Once we'd collected the car, a refuelling stop at Home Hill had us lobbing on the doorstep of the Little House of Concrete around three.

From there, once we'd opened the place up and the computer had finished updating, backing up, downloading and all the other things I've set it up to do automatically, it was time to settle down and start tapping out the details I'd scribbled down en route

That ended up taking far longer than it could have done, thanks to a bout of flu, and the predictable interruptions and distraction. 

Once I've finished adding this addendum to the Travelogue the next task is to add the R.I.P. I started in Sydney about six and a half weeks ago to the Music pages.

A couple of things stand out. 

First up, the Indian Pacific is one of those things you really should do at some stage. And it's the sort of thing you could do again in a few years, travelling in the opposite direction or at a different time of year. 

If you're interested in wildflowers, the Western Flora Caravan & Tourist Park is a must-do. Wine aficionados should add Margaret River, and specifically Cullen Wines, to the list of things to do.

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