And More Again...

Back in the cabin, the results more than lived up to expectations. The skewer of garlic prawns were succulent with just the right amount of garlic. Possibly too much if you're looking to kissing an attractive stranger later in the night, but then again you might just get away with it.

The crumbed fish was everything that crumbed fish ought to be but often isn't, suggesting the presence of quality ingredients cooked the right way by people who know what they're doing.

Discussions over the dinner table over a glass of the excellent Mitchell Watervale Riesling resulted in a consensus decision that next time we're passing through, the fish and chips will be ordered on the way in.

Packing a salad bowl in the vehicle would mean that an order for one sweetlip and chips, a skewer (maybe two) of prawns and something else would allow us to assemble a reasonable seafood basket for two...

The combination of accommodation and dinner was, overall, a definite winner, and while we're not likely to duplicate it every time, there's every possibility that any variation will come in the form of a request for alternative recommendations as far as eateries are concerned. 

Gladstone is, as the following entry suggests, a place that may well warrant a two night stay on the journey down (or back) and two nights of fish and chips, regardless of the excellence on offer, is probably too much of a good thing.

© Ian L Hughes 2021