An Early Lunch

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We took ourselves around the perimeter, passing eateries I would've been happy to stop at. Then we turned left into a retail outlet where I would've paused to take a photo of Alaskan King Crab (a touch under $50/kilo) to prove I wasn't hallucinating.

Crowd and space constraints meant I gave the concept the flick pass. 

But if that was crowded, we hadn't seen anything yet. 

The water-front arcade offered more space in the walkways, but the retail outlets were packed. 

However, there were places to sit and eat what you'd bought, so the crowding wasn't quite as severe once you'd negotiated a purchase.

We took a loop around the place while Madam scoped out the sashimi. 

Once the relevant decisions almost made, repaired to the bottle shop. 

A bottle of 2008 Devils Corner Riesling set us back a reasonable $23. Plastic take away glasses were $2 each.

IMG 2345

In the end, we chose Peter's for a dozen large Sydney rock oysters ($16) and tuna and salmon sashimi ($9.80 with chopsticks and soy sauce). 

The oysters looked better at the other place, but Peter's had seating. 

Sashimi involved queueing, and, interestingly, the line contained numbers of non-Japanese Asians and approximations of the Average Aussie.

The oysters were excellent, so I had to go back for another six. 

The tuna finished a short half-head in front of the salmon in the Sashimi Stakes. 

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