I’m not pretending to be a connoisseur of airport terminals, although I have seen a few. 

For a start, given the nature of the beast, I think it’s reasonable to anticipate an airport terminal will, more than likely, be somewhat crowded. 

But even in Whitsunday Coast, arguably the smallest and most cramped domestic terminal in Australia (if there’s a worse one I hope I never come across it) you can at least stand in the sunshine and see the world that surrounds you. 

Inside the terminal at Coolangatta, it’s almost as crowded and you can see walls. Hughesy’s appraisal of the place: On the extremely ordinary side of very ordinary.

The sight that greeted us when we emerged from the air bridge two hours after leaving Queensland airspace was a complete contrast. 

Adelaide Airport might not be the best airport in the world. If it isn’t, I hope our travel arrangements fluke us into some of the ones that are better. 

Spacious with high ceilings and picture windows looking towards the Adelaide Hills, this one is everything that Coolangatta isn’t. 

Hughesy’s rating: On the stellar side of out of this world.

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