What Has Richard Done?

IMG 2354

While we'd been away, the train crew had been engaged in a bit of cleaning up, and we returned to find a line of plastic bin liners arrayed on the platform. 

As we turned to board the train, something about one of them caught my eye. The bag closest to our door was embellished with a message: For Richard

That’s the kind of thing that puzzles the inquiring mind.

Who, I wondered, is Richard? What had he done to deserve this? 

IMG 5961

What items of significance were contained therein?

There are, however, things that inquiring minds are better off not knowing. I guessed that this was one of them.

Back aboard, we had time for showers before we set off. 

After an initial encounter with the shower facilities, this little black duck definitely wasn't looking forward to the next, which I expected would take place in a moving train. 

Space was limited, and we'd been warned to ensure that the shower curtain covered everything if we wanted to keep the water in the designated area. 

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