Roundhouses and Maritime Museums

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With the material that has been salvaged from the wreck, the Shipwreck Gallery is the kind of place you could lose a couple of hours.

However, Madam wanted to locate The Roundhouse, the original jail for the Swan River Colony's port.

Hughesy had ambitions to check out the Maritime Museum, though that's not quite the way things worked out.

The Roundhouse provided an intriguing photo opportunity, but time was getting on. 

Doing the Museum thing takes a bit out of you,. By the time we reached the Maritime Museum, there wasn't much time to check out the displays. 

Madam wasn't over-keen.

I was tired.

A $10 admission fee wasn't a justifiable expenditure when there wasn't anything among the exhibits the guy in the ticket booth rattled off that jumped out and demanded my immediate attention. 

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